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Is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh herbs. We have been exporting formore than 6 years to North American market. We are located in Rionegro, Antioquia 7 minutes away from Jose Maria Cordoba International airport. Our farms are located in eastern Antioquia, 2,100 meters (6,900 feet) above sea level and its average temperature is 18 °C(64 °F) ideal for the production oo herbs.


Most of our staff are female-headedhouseholds and have experience in selecting and packing the product. Most of them are people living in eastern Antioquia, which contributes to regional socio- economic growth and sustainability of
their homes.

We also have suppliers who buy their production, which have experience in agricultural production and meet the requirements of the ICA to be certified as export premises.



We have the infrastructure supported by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) for the production, selection of products for export, make-up and packaging; algo we guarantee the required cold chain through coolers and refrigerated trucks that meet the standars quality ground transportation.



All our products are fresh, cut directly from the cultivated fields; we have a well-established distribution network, which guarantees to ship our products quickly, ensuring maximum freshness and safety.



The conservation of the environment means a lot to us, so we have as a complement to good agricultural practices, using organic production techniques such as:

  • Use of green manures
  • Use of Compost
  • Use insect traps
  • Use floor protectors (Mulch)
  • Recycling Techniques


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Juan Fernando Echeverri
+57 321 721 9279

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  • Tel: (+574) 561 57 76